Most Important Article of the Day – 06/24/15

Today’s most important article come from Ta-Nehesi Coates of The Atlantic, and it is about the history of (as well as the fallout from) the Confederate flag issue. As a result of last week’s murders in South Carolina, people are a little more down on the Confederate flag than usual.

Coates’s article comes amid the surprising response from various Republican Governors who have agreed to begin the process of removing the Confederate flag from their state’s capitol buildings and license plates and the not-so-surprising response from various conservative pundits condemning liberals for telling Southerners how to live their lives.

All in all, this is a great step forward for our country and a great bipartisan response to a tragedy that shocked the country. And while the removal of the Confederate flag from these venues will not rid the country of racism, nor will it force the country into implementing any forms in gun control, it does show how we can grow as a country by recognizing when it comes time to let go of certain pieces of our history and put them where they belong: in a museum.


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