Trump-mania continues!

Do you hear that? That is the sound of Republicans in Washington, D.C. (among many other places) soiling themselves. From The Hill, posted a mere 20 minutes ago:

“Donald Trump has topped the rest of the GOP presidential field for the second time in as many weeks, according to a new Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll.

The national poll of voters who identify as Republicans or independents shows Trump in the lead with 17 percent, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 14 percent.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) round out the top five with 8 percent, 6 percent and 5 percent, respectively.”

For the 11,000th time, Trump is not going to win the GOP nomination. The sole reason I am posting this is because Fox News pretty much has to include Trump in the first debate (on August 6th) now. Like it or not, he is a contender. Not a long-term contender, but a serious one for the time being (possibly even going into the Fall of 2015).The more attention the media pays to Trump is less time in the spotlight given to Walker, Rubio and Cruz.

Also, one more thing, and this is directed at the Tea Party: you claim you want someone who is a true conservative, anti-establishment and someone who empathizes with red-blooded American patriots. And yet here you are, cheerleading for a man who has given money to Democrats, is worth (possibly) billions of dollars and has spent his entire life living in the most elitist parts of already elitist New York City? Do you really think Trump has anything in common with folks in Louisiana, Kansas and Oklahoma? Can you just please admit that the only reason you’re giving Trump any attention at all is because the media is piling on him for his repulsive and idiotic comments about undocumented immigrants? Comments, that by the way, were the exact opposite of what he was saying a mere two years ago? What exactly do you people want again?

UPDATE: If you’re in need of some laughs, check out this new hilarious story on Trump.


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