June was hot, Global Warming is real (again)

I look forward to conservatives and Republicans denying this report but then the second it gets cold in December screaming “HAHA LIBS, IT SNOWED AND IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! GLOBAL WARMING MORE LIKE GLO-BULL WARMING”. Regardless, it’s hot outside and I’m miserable. Also, this nugget of good news from The Hill and the NOAA:

“Last month was the hottest June on record globally, setting yet another in a string of temperature records, federal scientists said.

A Monday report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also concluded that land and water surface temperatures each hit a new record in June, and the first half of 2015 was also the hottest on record.

The average temperature across all of the world’s land and ocean surfaces in June was 61.48 degrees Fahrenheit, the hottest since federal records began in 1880.

It beat the previous record by 0.22 degrees Fahrenheit, which was set only last year.

June is the third month this year to break its monthly record, after March and May, NOAA said in its report.

The other months of the year were not far behind. January and February were the second hottest on record and April was the fourth.

The first half of 2015 also set a record as the hottest since 1880, beating the record set in 2010, according to the NOAA.

Additionally, the 12 months that ended in June now comprise the hottest 12-month period in the NOAA’s records.”

People like to say we get the government we deserve. Well, the same logic should apply to the planet. We get the earth we deserve.


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