The latest Trump-mania coverage…

Alright, so where did we leave off with Trump and his delusional aspirations to become President of these here United Sates? Oh right, he spent the weekend in Iowa insulting John McCain for his service to our country. Trump stated that “[McCain]’s not a war hero… He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Let’s brush aside the idiocy of that statement for a second. Actually, let’s not. Donald Trump, who never served his country in any respect whatsoever, is dumping on McCain for his incredible service to our country. And no, I don’t care what you think of John McCain. It is irrelevant. Any person who suffers the level of torture that McCain went through in Vietnam and not only lives to tell about it, but is incredibly humble about it, deserves the status of a war hero.

Believe it or not, this story gets worse. So naturally one would be inclined to think that since Republicans love the military (a laughable claim unto itself), GOP primary voters would be willing to punish Trump for such an incredibly moronic statement. Well, that may not be the case after all. Trump is still in second place in Iowa and still leading in other states like North Carolina and Nevada.

So what do we have to look forward to this week in Trump coverage? He’s already started the week off with a bang by “writing” an editorial in USA Today entitled “I Don’t Need to be Lectured“, which claims that because he “cares” about Veterans of war, that means he knows everything there is about being a soldier (you know, the same way that someone who plays Call Of Duty 24/7 is the equivalent of Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur). My favorite paragraph is below:

“During my entire business career, I have always made supporting veterans a top priority because our heroes deserve the very best for defending our freedom. Our Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals are outdated dumps. I will build the finest and most modern veterans hospitals in the world. The current medical assistance to our veterans is a disaster. A Trump administration will provide the finest universal access health care for our veterans.”

Forgive me for my skepticism, but somehow I don’t think Trump had the troops in mind when he was building luxurious hotels and casinos. Furthermore, the majority of VA hospitals are not dumps, and in fact are highly quipped medical facilities. Third, Donald Trump just endorsed universal health care for at least one segment of society. Will the Tea Party finally condemn him and his socialist rhetoric?

At this point, the only way I can see Trump falling in the polls is if he said something derogatory about guns. Fortunately, for Trump, he already called for the end to “gun-free zones”. So it looks like he’s got the NRA talking points in order. Check.

If you’re not excited for the upcoming primary debate on August 6th, you seriously need your head examined. How big is my excitement for the first debate? IT’S YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE.


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