My very own “I can’t even” post…

I decided to have some fun and loosen things up around here. To do so, I developed my very own “I can’t even” blog post. For those unfamiliar with this term, see for an explanation here.

Let’s begin with New Jersey Governor and current Republican presidential contender Chris Christie. Over the weekend, he talked about his use of birth control and how he uses more than just “the rhythm method” with his wife. The video is below, and it really is cringe-inducing.

The most priceless part of this video is the guy in front who is shaking his head in disbelief that he is hearing about Governor Christie’s sex life. The other, less mentioned, part of this video is how he was questioning whether or not this makes him “an awful catholic”. The fact that it’s 2015 and we’re still judging presidential candidates on whether or not using birth control makes them good religious people makes me say I CAN’T EVEN.

Second in my “I can’t even” post, a discussion happen on MSNBC’s All In program with guest-host Alex Wagner and her guests Bloomberg Columnist Joshua Green and my personal favorite columnist ever, New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait. For those interested, you can view the entire clip below.

The portion of the discussion between guest-host Wagner and her esteemed guests that enraged me with disbelief was the results of this poll from Monmouth University regarding Donald Trump. As documented by Allahpundit of the conservative website Hot Air, the poll shows Trump leading the field with not just conservative and very conservative voters, but also… moderate Republicans. Yes, the elusive part of the party that according to Gallup now makes up about 25 percent of the GOP is pulling for Trump. Let me repeat this again: Trump is leading with MODERATE Republicans.

Moderate Republicans were the ones who preferred Mitt Romney when conservatives in 2012 were yelling for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain. Moderate Republicans were the ones who preferred John McCain when conservatives in 2008 were yelling for Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter. How could this possibly be that the ones who are supposedly the most prudent and pragmatic of GOP primary voters are the ones siding with the bombastic bomb-thrower? I mean sure, he’s from New York. But seriously, what gives? This recent piece in POLITICO from former Reagan and H.W. Bush staffer Bruce Bartlett may give us some insight as to why this may be the case (Bartlett committed Republican heresy by voting for President Obama in 2012). Bartlett notes his apostasy and uses it to justify that voting for (and thus nominating) Trump will “prove beyond doubt that the existing conservative coalition cannot win the presidency.” There may be something to this “well, it’s all burning down anyway, so why not join them” strategy, but still… moderate Republicans supporting Trump as the 2016 nominee? I CAN’T EVEN.

Our last “I can’t even” moment comes from the same Monmouth University poll. It is also regarding the very same topic of Trump’s appeal with voters who one would think it would be impossible for a guy like him to appeal to. According to GOP primary voters by religion, he leads with Evangelicals, Catholics and Protestants. This is from a guy who just said recently that he’s unsure of whether or not he’s ever asked God for forgiveness. And yet, this CNN piece from Ashley Killough where she interviewed several religious voters who stated that they would consider voting for Trump actually exists. To be fair, Killough also found other religious voters not interested in the Trump campaign. Also, as I’m writing this very post, Trump was just asked while campaigning in Iowa if he’s going to campaign for the atheist vote (H/T  of Patheos). His response: “I don’t know about the atheist vote. They might not like me. I’m not so sure.” So all in all, a guy who I very much doubt has been to church in the last 40 years is leading the GOP religious vote. Nothing makes sense anymore.




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