Bill Clinton is a genius…

So, according to this new WaPo article from Robert Costa and Anne Gearen, Bill Clinton spoke to Donald Trump on the phone back in May of this year. Why is this a significant news story? This choice quote from Josh Feldman at Mediaite tells all:

“There was apparently no talk specifically of 2016, but the former president reportedly ‘encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party.’ And while Clinton never explicitly encouraged The Donald to run against his wife, he also said Trump ‘was striking a chord with frustrated conservatives and was a rising force on the right.'”

I can just imagine the conversation Clinton had with his aides before calling Trump:

Clinton: “What if I called Donald Trump and told him to play a larger role in the GOP?”

Aide 1: “What do you mean by larger role?”

Clinton: “I’m going to convince him to run for president.”

Aide 1: “No way, man! Even you are not that Machiavellian!”

Clinton: “Well, let’s give it a shot anyway.”

Four months later…

Aide 1: “Dude, not only did you convince Trump to run, but he’s actually winning! You’re like some kind of genius or something! Hilary is a sure win for 2016!”

Clinton: “What can I say? I know what Republican voters like. After all, I grew up in Arkansas.”

Bill Clinton – Pretty good president, absolute genius political surrogate.


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