Fox News comedy…

You didn’t really expect the loons on Fox News Fox And Friends to have a progressive reaction to Target’s recent decision to stop labeling the toys section as “Boys Toys” and “Girls Toys”, did you? Of course you didn’t. I have a response below, but please read Amanda Marcotte’s response at Slate first because it’s much better than mine.

Here’s the Fox and Friends video (H/T David Edwards at Raw Story):

Some choice quotes to highlight:

“They’re going gender neutral, whatever that is… Have the PC police gone too far?” – Steve Doocy

“How many times have you gone into a store — when I go to buy glasses… And all of them are up on the wall, I will ask the person, ‘Are these men’s or women’s?'” – Steve Doocy

“But who are we helping? The nine people who are upset by this? If you go buy a gift for a boy who is nine or six or a girl who is nine or six, you want to be able to go to that section and pick out a toy they might want. Now you have to sit there and look at a blended area and wonder, ‘Is this for a boy or a girl,’. There’s going to be some unhappy boys and unhappy girls now.” – Brian Kilmeade

My response is the same response Jimmy Dore and John Iadarola of TYT gave earlier this week: If you guys are already unsure which toys are for boys and which ones are for girls when you’re in the store, the what exactly is the problem? I mean seriously, when you go into a store and see a soccer ball, is your first instinct “gee, I wonder if this is a girls soccer ball or a boys soccer ball?” OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE NOBODY THINKS THAT. They either think “hey, my son/daughter/nephew/niece/whatever is into soccer, maybe I should get him/her a soccer ball as a gift” or “hmm, my nephew/niece is not into soccer, maybe I should look for a different gift idea”.

You can see the video of Jimmy and John of TYT respond below (highly recommend everyone subscribe to their YouTube channel). Also, please check out Jimmy Dore’s political comedy podcast here. John’s Twitter account is here if you want to follow him.


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