They’re kidding us, right?

I spent enough time giving myself lashes today, so I thought I’d take my aggression out on others for a change. My targets for today are Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. Last night on the eponymous Fox News program, Hannity and his guests Coulter and National Review columnist Charles C.W. Cooke (yes, he really does have two initials and yes, it is very aggravating to type a man’s name when he has two freaking initials I MEAN COME ON DUDE JUST PICK ONE SERIOUSLY) discussed the still going strong Trump campaign.

For some reason, Hannity and Coulter have blindly swallowed Trump’s campaign promise that he will build a wall along the Southern border and get Mexico to pay for it. In an interview with Hannity earlier in the week, Trump said he would fulfill this promise with the threat of a tariff on Mexico should they not acquiesce to Trump’s demand that they pay for the wall. Naturally, a spokesperson for the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, said earlier this week that Trump was nuts to even promulgate the idea (okay, I’m paraphrasing, but he did imply that). Guess who Hannity and Coulter believe? No, not the side of sanity. The both of them actually believe Trump will not only successfully build a wall along a 1,200 mile border, but that U.S. taxpayers won’t have to contribute a dime to the costs. Alright, who is with me that this campaign promise is even more ridiculous that Newt Gingrinch’s 2012 promise that the U.S. would build a new colony on the moon?

Getting back to the segment, it starts off with C.W. Cooke (UGH seriously dude, come on with the multiple initials thing) rightly saying that he is “… astonished by the collective insanity that seems to have marked the conservative movement over the last month…”. I have to say that I completely agree 100 percent, and Sean Hannity proves that right after C.W. (UGH) Cooke finishes his sentence. Hannity immediately berates C.W. (UGH) Cooke and starts droning on about how politicians have promised for years to secure the border, and that he believes Trump will succeed in keeping that promise because Trump would do it “expeditiously”. And where is Hannity’s evidence that Trump will follow through? Oh right, a “tariff”. That “makes sense” to him. I wonder how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would respond to such a tariff? Yeah, they’d probably hate the idea so much that they’d end up endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

Hannity and Coulter also believe Trump will follow through on his promise to build a wall by threatening to take away the foreign aid we send to Mexico. Coulter claims that we send $14 Billion annually in aid to Mexico every year (surprise, we don’t, it’s $420 million annually), and that if the U.S. threatened to take that away, Mexico would capitulate and pay for the cost of the wall. The one problem with that solution? When Mexico doesn’t end up paying for the wall after we stop foreign aid to them, how will Hannity, Coulter and Trump respond when violence on the Mexican border significantly increases as they don’t have the funds to combat drug cartels who operate along the U.S. Border? Do they even bother thinking about the words that come out of her mouth before speaking?

Moving along, the clip continues with Hannity blindly swallowing Trump’s talking points by saying that Trump has a “credible” alternative to the ACA (Obamacare) by repealing it and replacing it with health savings accounts. For one, this idea doesn’t even begin to cover all the problems we have with our healthcare system. Two, Trump has previously been on the record saying that he supports single-payer healthcare, or what people like Hannity call “a government takeover of healthcare enforced by death panels”. So how does C.W. (UGH) Cooke respond to Hannity blindly accepting Trump’s talking points? Cooke responds by pointing out all of Trump’s flip-flops on healthcare, gun control and progressive taxation (where the wealthy pay more in income taxes). Cooke also makes an excellent point that when Mitt Romney ran in 2012, Romney was constantly excoriated and scrutinized by conservatives and GOP primary voters for implementing a very similar version of the ACA (Obamacare) in Massachusetts during his tenure as Governor there. But now, those same people who were so skeptical of Romney’s conservative credentials back then are embracing Trump with open arms, despite his flip-flops and endorsement of way more liberal positions than Romney ever held.

Coulter responds by saying that conservative GOP primary voters don’t care if a person has held the consistently held same views for 20 years. Really, Coulter should get to know her audience better, because I’m sure that’s among the reason why she herself is so popular. But then Coulter goes on to say that Trump has been consistent on immigration, when everybody knows he hasn’t. In 2011, he favored a path to citizenship on a case-by-case basis. Even two months ago, Trump was criticized by several conservative pundits for favoring amnesty just because he said he advocated for a “merit system” for those undocumented immigrants who are already in the country. Coulter also stated that it doesn’t matter if Trump was pro-choice, and that she totally believes Trump will sequester the public funds Planned Parenthood gets for abortion from “the good things” that the women’s health organization does. Lost on everyone in this segment is that since all funding for abortions at all Planned Parenthood clinics are PRIVATELY FUNDED, that would mean just to continue giving money as is to Planned Parenthood. But I digress.

The segment concludes with most important point of the conversation. C.W. (UGH) Cooke astutely points out that Trump’s support for progressive taxation one day was preceded by support for a flat tax the previous day. Cooke cannot believe that conservatives are “all falling for it”, and neither can I. Again, where is the rampant skepticism that was applied to Romney in 2012 for holding previously liberal positions? Where is the rampant skepticism that was applied to John McCain in 2008 for holding previously liberal positions? Why are conservatives giving Trump a pass here? Coulter’s obsession with flip-floppers is focused on people like Florida Senator Marco Rubio who sponsored the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill (and later retracted that sponsorship), which according to Coulter allows undocumented immigrants to stay and even “bring their relatives over too” (newsflash, Coulter gets it wrong AGAIN, it required a 13 year waiting period for undocumented immigrants and no exceptions were granted for their families). Coulter also falsely stated that the bill did nothing to increase border security, when actually the bill augmented border security funding by $40,000,000, added 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, and called for the hiring of 20,000 new U.S. Border Patrol Agents. But apparently, supporting this immigration bill does not make one a flip-flopper, but makes one guilty of “lying to the American people.” This kind of blind support is just embarrassing. Coulter’s (and Hannity’s) complete and utter lack of incredulity of Trump’s immigration plans is just ridiculous, even for her.

Coulter also says that Trump is the only serious candidate when it comes to the issue of immigration because Trump is the only one dedicated to the solution of building a wall. But the truth is that Ann is the one who is not serious about the issue. If anyone seriously thinks that the only panacea to solve the problems associated with immigration is to just build a wall, you’re ignoring all the other problems involved with immigration today. The most obvious of the problems are that several million undocumented immigrants already here. By Coulter’s own logic, if building a wall prevents immigrants from Latin America getting over here, wouldn’t building a wall would prevent them from going back? Seriously, if a wall is so impregnable that it stops all immigration, how would undocumented immigrants already here get back? It doesn’t.

Also, what does Ann Coulter want for the children of undocumented immigrants that are already here. Does she agree with Rudy Giuliani and Rick Perry that they deserve to be educated just like all other American-born kids? Of course not, she supports repealing the 14th amendment to deny them citizenship, thereby allow the government to ship them out of the country along with their parents. Ann Coulter literally has no positive or credible solutions to solve any of the problems involving immigration. Furthermore, she (along with other conservative talk-radio blockheads) have endorsed a candidate who just two years ago was advocating for very liberal solutions on an array of different issues, including immigration.

What are we to make of a bunch of ” True Constitutional Conservatives” who just spent seven years advocating that Republicans make the federal government as dysfunctional as possible and primary apostates and heretics who are insufficiently conservative until they got a governing majority who are now endorsing a candidate who until two years ago was as liberal as Bernie Sanders? Once again, I implore those in the Tea Party: WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY DAMN SENSE THAT YOU GUYS SUPPORT TRUMP. YA’LL HAVE LOST YOUR DAMN MINDS.

Also, and I’ll end this here as I can feel my blood pressure skyrocketing, isn’t it amazing to see Hannity and Coulter just blindly accepting Trump’s talking points? It reminds me of the softball interview Hannity did with George W. Bush on the Crawford Ranch several years back. Unbelievable. Coulter and Hannity owe it to their audiences to just admit that they both love Trump not for his conservative credentials, but for the same reason that Trump is getting so much attention now: his showmanship and attack on mainstream media personalities.


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