My first dance with Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin, a well-known conservative activist who runs several websites such as Twitchy, posted a column at Town Hall recently that is… absolutely hilarious. In case you haven’t heard, the movie based on the 90’s rap group NWA “Straight Outta Compton“, recently grossed $60 million at the box office over the weekend. This rubbed Malkin the wrong way, so much so that she has called enthusiasts of the movie “…unwitting apologists for racism against Korean-American small-business owners.”

Now, this scolding courtesy of Commander Twitchy comes not just as a result of wanting to see a movie that got pretty good reviews. Apparently, a new meme has been created from the movie poster. You yourself can now generate a meme that mimics the movie logo for “Straight Outta Compton” and insert any city or witty saying you wish. See examples here and here. So why is Malkin pouring salt on everyone’s game? This is why:

“Their hagiographic movie omits Young’s history of assaults on women and completely whitewashes Jackson’s incendiary attacks on Korean storeowners in South Central Los Angeles.”

Uh-huh. Malkin is deeply offended by the N.W.A. song “Black Korea”, which apparently justifies the 1992 L.A. Riots where some stores in the neighborhood (including those owned by Asian immigrants, Malkin is Filipino) were vandalized and burned down. Specifically, Malkin claims the song was inspired by Korean storeowner Soon Ja Du, who shot a 15 year old Black girl named Latasha Harlins. This lead to the burning down of more stores owned by Asian-Americans, and it was then that Asian-Americans became the most staunch defenders of the NRA.

Okay, maybe not. But is Malkin right? Should rapper Ice Cube have to “answer for his violence-stoking bigotry”?

I mean, really, of all people, why is Ice Cube talking about guns and gun violence? Could it be because Ice Cube’s sister was shot and killed by her husband when he was 12? Could it be because Ice Cube grew up around gun violence and saw the damage it caused to families first-hand? I mean, really, where does this guy get the nerve telling the world about his experiences of dealing with the loss of life due to this country’s obsession with guns?

Also, Malkin is outraged at the “thug-promoting” nature of this movie and Ice Cube’s musical career. Previously, Malkin associated herself with upstanding groups known for their morality such as the NRA. In fact, the NRA is so moral and pure that they had the courage to stand against a completely reasonable bill that would have attempted to disarm gun-owning criminals. Furthermore, the NRA vigorously defended the rights of hunters to kill elephants and sell their ivory for profit. Now some of you reading this may think the NRA is deranged for not supporting these sensible gun laws (as well as supporting these dangerous ones). Well you clearly don’t know elephants; they’re all thugs who deserve to be shot and killed for profit.

All in all, I’m sure glad that I took the time to be lectured by Malkin about my support for “Asian-bashing” by listening to N.W.A. I just don’t know how I’m going to tell my Korean soon-to-be wife that Michelle Malkin thinks I’m racist against her people. Also, it’s good to know that conservatives support getting extremely wealthy off of our free-market capitalist system, just as long as you don’t acquire that wealth by forming a rap group.

Oh, and one more thing:


Over at Raw Story, TBogg has his own hilarious response to the delusions of Malkin. Worth a read.


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