They see O’Malley trollin’…

The following is from Dan Merica at CNN yesterday:

“Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley is hitching his presidential wagon Wednesday to the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Sort of.

O’Malley, the former Maryland governor, will hold a press conference Wednesday directly in front of the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, a 64-story gold hotel emblazoned in Trump’s name, and his campaign says he’ll be joined by Trump’s own employees.

About 500 staffers are currently fighting with Trump for the right to join the Culinary Union, and have been waging war with the real estate mogul since June 2014. The morning press conference will happen right after O’Malley addresses the 59th Annual Nevada AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention.”

For all the times I spend writing about Republicans and their candidates, I figured I should get something in about the Democrats once in a while. I approve of O’Malley’s idea to troll Trump in front of his own hotel, but the notion that appealing to labor unions will somehow give O’Malley a surge is ludicrous. If O’Malley is serious about his candidacy, he should be appealing to Latinos in Nevada.

Speaking of other Democratic candidates, there has literally been no news about former Rhode Island Governor and Senator Lincoln Chafee. I googled his name in Google News, and found only four articles written about him this month. Come on, dude. Try a little harder. It really pains me to see that Bernie Sanders appears to be the only legitimate challenger to Hillary Clinton. If the media truly wants Clinton to “earn” her nomination (because being in politics literally your whole life only counts as a legitimate qualification for President if you’re a man), then give more coverage to the other Democratic candidates. Wasting your time trying to figure out whether or not Vice President Joe Biden is going to run is not productive.

I understand that because Hillary is such a strong challenger, that makes other Democrats unwilling to toss their hat into the race. But unlike the GOP, the Democratic Party is truly a diverse party. I’m not just talking about skin color, I’m talking about policy ideas. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is also a very interesting candidate who is hardly getting any coverage. This is what sucks about the political media. Call yourself a “democratic socialist” and rail against the establishment? You’re practically entitled to mass media coverage. Speak with a calm demeanor and speak to voters about ideas? The media just yawns and goes back to the more exciting story.

Considering how we’re always told by conservatives how “liberal” the media is and how they worship the Democratic Party, it’s strange how ALL the GOP candidates are getting a lot more coverage than Chafee, O’Malley and Webb. If Chafee or Webb want more coverage from the political news media, it appears they’ll have to publicly urinate on one of Trump’s hotels. For shame, media. For shame.


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