Same as it ever was…

Trump still in the lead:

From Reuters: Trump – 32%, Bush – 16%, Carson – 8%, etc., etc., etc.

On “Real Time With Bill Maher” this week, Maher was skeptical at the notion that Trump is eventually going to falter and lose the nomination. I’m not saying I agree with Maher, but I’m not saying his skepticism isn’t warranted.

On a not unrelated note, a Rasmussen poll from last Friday shows that 57 percent of Republicans believe that Trump will win the nomination. Two months ago? That number was 27 percent. The number of Republican voters who think Trump is “not at all likely” to win the nomination is now at 15 percent. Two months ago? That number was 29 percent. You tell me, are Republicans fatalistic? Or are they not remembering what happened in 2012 with the carousel of Republican candidates? (H/T Bradford Richardson at The Hill)

On another not unrelated note, Trump knows who is to blame for the recent stock market woes. You’ll never guess who Trump lays the blame on (hint: it’s not Mexico). (H/T David Jackson at USA Today)

On another another not unrelated note, Trump spoke to about 20,000 people in Alabama over the weekend. If you’re looking for some amazing tweets from the event, Judd Legum at Think Progress has got you covered.

The Left still wants a better candidate:

I’m not 100 percent sure the Leftist side of the Democratic Party is clamoring for a different candidate, but it sure feels like it. And it’s not just the Joe Biden rumors mulling around the internet (if I see one more “Biden his time” joke, I swear to god…). Yes, Vice President Biden met with Massachusetts Senator and Leftist hero Elizabeth Warren (who I admire quite a bit, though I can’t say the same for a sizable portion of her fanbase) over the weekend. But also, according to Alexander Bolton at The Hill, liberal activists are still trying to get Senator Warren to run. According to the article, there is a deep skepticism of whether Hillary will embrace the type of Wall Street reform that Warren and Bernie Sanders supporters want. To be fair, that skepticism is certainly warranted. Hillary embraced Dodd-Frank several years ago, but I do not believe she is willing to sign on to the financial transactions tax purposed by Bernie Sanders or a modernized Glass-Steagall Act purposed by Senator Warren (interesting Politifact article here disputing the notion that a Glass-Steagall repeal by President Clinton in 1999 led to the Great Recession/financial crisis). Perhaps those Lefty voters who are losing enthusiasm for Sanders should check out Martin O’Malley?

Bill Kristol is still wrong about everything and still makes terrible suggestions:

My guess is that Bill Kristol, who runs the Neoconservative website The Weekly Standard, simply enjoys getting us all to collectively roll our eyes and shake our fists at him. Not only does he think there should be more candidates that should jump in the GOP nomination race (seriously?), he suggests “…conservative leaders from outside politics; Justice Samuel Alito and General (ret.) Jack Keane…” (seriously?). Back when he did this in 2011, at least he had a good suggestion at the time (former Indiana Governor and current Purdue University President Mitch Daniels). And back then, the field desperately needed credible candidates. For this race, there are already plenty of credible candidates currently running (none who I’d vote for, but still). Why are Republicans and conservatives so impossible to please?

All you people getting gay married are upsetting random christians (and god)

Looks like Texas Senator Ted Cruz found a new campaign strategy to compete with Trump: convince voters that he is a better christian than Trump is. Now, the fact that the evangelical vote is going to be a challenge for Cruz is hilarious to begin with. There are different theories as to why Trump is doing so well with evangelical voters; see Betsy Woodruff’s theory here and Amy Sullivan’s theory here. The video below features several different anti-gay-marriage christians complaining about the lack of tolerance going around these days. Don’t worry, it’s set to really somber music so you’ll feel bad for them. Not surprisingly, there are some who question the validity of the cases brought forth by Senator Cruz and his legion of “don’t wanna sell you stuff if it’s for your gay marriage” army. Mark Joseph Stern at Slate disputes these horror stories of gay tyranny with facts about each case that were (not surprisingly) left out of the video.

(I tried to embed the video here but the code isn’t working. You’ll have to click the link at Slate to view it since it’s not on YouTube. Sorry everyone. It’s worth it though, I promise.)

Same as it ever was…


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