Conservatives tragedy exploitation hypocrisy…

In case anyone hasn’t heard, there was a terrible tragedy this morning in Moneta, Virginia.  Alison Parker, a local news anchorwoman (24 years old) and a cameraman, Adam Ward (27 years old), were murdered by a guy who formerly worked for the same local news-station. The suspected shooter (who I will not name) gave information about why he did what he did to ABC News.

Of course, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton immediately pointed to the problem of rampant gun violence in America. This set conservatives off, and various conservative pundits condemned both individuals for capitalizing on a tragedy to push for gun control.

But of course, none of them had anything to say about Glenn Beck, who said the following on his radio show today (see video below):

“I think that God is giving me one final warning.”

“He’s telling us, ‘You got one more chance. This is it!’”

Beck has no problem saying that innocent people died because his god is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States. Beck has no problem creating an environment of fear based on his delusions and telling everyone that unless we do what Beck wants, more people will die at the hands of his god and we deserve it. Why is this acceptable to conservatives? Why is it not okay for liberals to say that guns in the hands of mentally unstable individuals might be a problem, but it is okay for conservatives to point the finger at the U.S. for not being religious enough? Is Beck not guilty of promoting a cause (religion, specifically christianity)? Is Beck not promoting his political beliefs in the event of a tragedy, with his rants that god is out to get us because we don’t “listen” to him (even though over 70% of the country is christian)?

Beck is guilty of all of these things, but conservatives don’t have a problem with that type of exploitation of a horrific tragedy. Only liberals are guilty of exploiting the grief of individuals who suffer from dreadful events in their lives. People like Beck prey on people who experience tragedy and then use that as a political cudgel to convert them. For shame.

RIP Alison Parker & Adam Ward

(H/T Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch)


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