Trump Vs. Ramos

Donald Trump is just not satisfied with having a 65 percent UNfavorability rating with Latino voters, so he thought he should find a way to agitate them even more. Enter Jorge Ramos, chief anchor of Univision (a Latino News Network), who decided to attend Trump’s press conference in Dubuque, Iowa yesterday. Let the magic fly…

Yes, Ramos immediately started questioning Trump without being called on. But contrast Trump’s reaction with Bernie Sanders’ reaction to the Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted his event in Seattle. It is not even close who handled their situation more professionally. Ramos would later come back in the room and got a chance to ask Trump about his immigration platform. Needless to say, Ramos remained unsatisfied with his answers.

For the record, Nick Gass at POLITICO asked the Mayor of Ferguson (James Knowles) if there are gangs of undocumented immigrants menacing the town causing tremendous crime. You might not be surprised to find out that Mayor Knowles has no idea what the hell Trump is talking about.


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