Yes, the Center for Medical Progress deceptively edited their videos…

Whenever I see a chopped-up video that has obviously been spliced together in a laughably unorganized fashion, I know I’m either being subjected to deceptively edited video or I’m streaming a Rangers game on the internet because Time Warner Cable only broadcasts 50 out of 82 Rangers game per NHL season (thanks, Buffalo Sabres). Such is the case for the eight videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which were all heavily edited and left out very important parts that completely contradict their case against Planned Parenthood. A report has been put together by I stand With PP, which you can view here.

For those of us who hate PDF files (ME!), some very gracious person at I Stand With PP took the details of the report and put them online for everyone to see. Here is the rundown of all the B.S. found in the CMP videos:

  • Collectively, the five videotapes of Planned Parenthood staff have at least 42 splices where content is cut and edited together to make it appear to be a seamless conversation.
  • In some cases, these splices completely change the meaning of statements. On one video, a Planned Parenthood staff member’s remarks about lab protocols were edited to make it sound like she was talking about changing abortion procedures. Phrases on the tape were isolated and removed, stringing together unrelated sentences to change the meaning.Anti-abortion activists used the doctored “quote” to support false claims that she was talking about changing how an abortion would be done, and the “quote” was published by mainstream media as if it were real.
  • On one tape, a Planned Parenthood staff member in Colorado says 13 separate times that any arrangements related to fetal tissue donation need to be reviewed by attorneys and follow all laws – and all 13 are edited out of the video.
  • On another tape, a Planned Parenthood staff member in Texas says nine separate times that there is no “profit” related to fetal tissue donation – and all nine are edited out of the video.

This is just like the scandal with ACORN. See, the people at CMP had to deceptively edit the videos, because they knew that as soon as the videos were released in full context, they would paint an entirely different portrait of the situation. For instance, everybody knows that Planned Parenthood would have consulted with lawyers before dealing with any arrangements related to fetal tissue donation. But of course, the CMP left that part out to make it seem like what they were doing was engaging in human trafficking of fetal body parts without consulting anybody who knows the law first.

And this other notion that Planned Parenthood deliberately altered how an abortion was performed so they could collect the body parts. This claim was laughable enough by itself, but it was obvious from the video that they pieced random quotes together to make it seem like they were asking the doctors performing the abortions to change the procedure, even though they clearly weren’t. The fact that the media just ran with this story before looking at the full video goes to show you that despite claims that the media is “liberal”, they’ll report false accusations against liberal advocacy groups due to pressure from conservative advocacy groups.

Again, I shouldn’t even need to read a report telling me that someone “selling” a fetal baby part for $30 isn’t intending to make a profit off of that. Seriously, have you ever been to UPS Store? Those guys charge like $10 to ship a damn C.D. to your next door neighbor. Also, the fact that conservatives swooned in on the Lamborghini comment just shows how desperate they are to pretend they actually had a legitimate case. The woman in that video looked… well, she didn’t look like the typical Lamborghini customer, let’s put it that way. And, she EVEN FREAKING SAID THAT SHE COULDN’T DRIVE THE DAMN CAR A MINUTE LATER.

Look, again, I understand that there are individuals who find abortion to be repugnant and discussing the details of abortion sounds heinous. But that’s not how we conduct law in the United States. You’re not going to arrest Planned Parenthood individuals for discussing abortion in a cavalier manner. Moreover, just because some Planned Parenthood officials did discuss abortion in a cavalier manner cannot affect one’s judgement of whether what they were doing was wrong and/or illegal. It is legal to donate fetal tissue. Period, the end.

And yes, despite what any Republicans running for president say (even the “moderates” like Jeb Bush), Planned Parenthood is very actively involved in women’s health care. You can read about Amanda Marcotte’s Planned Parenthood experience here, which I highly recommend.


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