Weekend headlines (with SOME explicit content)…

As per usual, just the headlines for today.

-Rick Perry’s pretty much done for: Alex Isenstadt at POLITICO is reporting that former Texas Governor Rick Perry is down to just one paid campaign staffer in the state of Iowa. Considering that Iowa is pretty much the only primary state where Perry would even be slightly competitive, this is as big of a white flag as I’ve ever seen. Isenstadt states in the article that this is because Perry is hoping to be competitive in South Carolina. The last polling for the Republican South Carolina primary was done a week ago, and Perry is at a whopping 0 percent. A top former Perry adviser, Karen Fesler, has left his hopeless campaign to join another hopeless campaign, this one of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Isenstadt calls this development a “stunning disappointment”, but frankly, even if Trump weren’t running, I’d have a very hard time believing that Perry’s campaign would be anywhere near competitive. His debate skills haven’t improved at all, he’s got competition from his own state in current Texas Senator Ted Cruz and he had very little access to the big donors (again, even before Trump announced his candidacy). Perry should call it a day now and save himself from further humiliation.

-Carson gaining steam in Iowa: According to the latest Monmouth University poll, Trump and Carson are now tied in Iowa. To be honest, I still don’t get understand what the attraction is to Carson’s campaign. Yes, yes I know, this is the year of the “anti-politician”, as was 2011, 2007 and 2000 and so on. As for the latest developments in Carson’s campaign, Carson has railed against the Black Lives Matter movement, denounced Planned Parenthood as a racist organization that specializes in eugenics, and called for getting rid of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Despite the fact that I believe Carson has the personality of a moldy sandwich, I have to give him credit. He’s hitting all the right targets. As for other notable developments in the poll, Carly Fiorina may be gaining some traction after all, as she came in at 10 percent (third highest). Fiorina has recently been engaged in a contentious public relations battle with the RNC and CNN lately, as she may be left out of the next debate taking place on September 16th in Simi Valley, CA. Rubio, Walker and Bush came in at 4, 7 and 5 percent, respectively. Cruz also has decent numbers, as he came in at 9 percent (fourth highest).

-Sanders may be gaining on Clinton in Iowa: So we all know by now that Bernie Sanders has pretty much caught up with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and may even be leading her there. However, despite the poll released last week showing Clinton way ahead in Iowa, a new poll from the all-important Des Moines Register shows a much different story. According to the poll, Clinton only leads Sanders by 7 points (37 percent Clinton, 30 percent Sanders). Vice President Joe Biden was included in the poll (despite the fact that he has yet to announce), and he stands at 14 percent. Without Biden in the poll, Clinton receives 43 percent of the vote. I’m sure the people at Clinton HQ in Brooklyn are not happy with the brutal summer Clinton has had. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the fall when the e-mail story begins to die down and the Democratic debates finally begin (October 13th). I may be wrong, but I still have a feeling that Clinton will really begin to regain her strength in the late fall.

Another interesting poll: Nick Gass at POLITICO tells us some interesting finfdings from the latest Quinnipiac University poll taken over the weekend. To summarize, 71 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction that the country is heading in, including 41 percent of respondents who are “very dissatisfied”. But that’s not really the news-worthy portion of the piece. The poll also included questions on abortion and college tuition assistance, and THESE results were indeed very surprising. Regarding college tuition assistance, “[a] majority of 61 percent to 34 percent expressed support for “major new spending by the federal government” to help students pay for their tuition at public universities.” On the issue of abortion (I am so happy to report this), a booming 56 percent of respondents said that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while only 14 percent responded that it should be illegal in all circumstances (26 percent illegal in most circumstances). I’m particularly excited about this because I plan on writing a response to a recent op-ed I read in The Hill regarding abortion and whether millenials are “pro-life” (to be linked later).

Warning – Explicit Content here: When I started writing this blog, I knew it was inevitable that my family would read my work. Because of that and my desire to maintain some amount of professional decorum, I’ve tried to keep my language as clean as possible. I will not do so for the following story. So to my family, whom I love and cherish very much, please do not read any further if you do not want to read coarse language. Onward.

So we all remember last week when America had almost three mass shootings in one week. In particular, a heartbreaking story arose when it was discovered that at a 24 year-old anchorwoman (Alison Parker) and a 27 year-old cameraman (Adam Ward) who worked for WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia were fatally shot last week by a former employee. Now of course, Parker’s father, Andy, was understandably devastated for his daughter’s loss and by what transpired. Andy Parker then vowed to join part in the political fight to enact stricter gun laws in the U.S.

Naturally, this did not go over well with gun-rights extremists at the NRA. One of the NRA’s news personalities, Colion Noir, recently made a video that attempted not only to exculpate the NRA in any wrong-doing, but also to lecture a father whose daughter was just mercilessly killed as to how he should feel and where he should direct his ire. The video can be seen below.


Some excerpts from Noir’s video include the following:

“Grief-inspired advocacy can be extremely effective and powerful, and I say run full speed to find a way to end violence like this. However, sometimes in a fight we can become so emotional everyone and thing starts looking like the enemy, even if they’re there to help us. I’m deeply sorry for your loss.”

“Turning this murder into a gun control dog-and-pony show minutes after the shooting because you can’t make sense of what just happened is ridiculous…”

“[Hillary Clinton and President Obama] try to take advantage of people’s ignorance about guns and their emotional response to horrible events to win votes and push an agenda that fosters an unhealthy dependence on the government.””

Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit. Fuck you, fuck the assassins’ lobby you get a paycheck from, and fuck your insincere concern for a man whose just had his life torn apart by yet another unstable individual getting easy access to a gun. Fuck your fake insincerity, fuck your stupid YouTube channel and fuck you, you stupid fucking ass-hole.

If you want to advocate for guns and gun-rights, be my fucking guest. But don’t stand there and say you have sympathy for the parents whose daughter has just been ripped apart by bullets from a gun and then call his advocacy a “dog and pony show”. Andy Parker has every right to be angry. The entire country does. Andy Parker has every right to advocate for stricter gun laws in this country. It’s not a fucking “dog and pony show”, you sadistic fucking advocate for mass murder. It’s called wanting to do something, so that maybe one day we can live in a country where a parent doesn’t have to see their child murdered on live television. So that maybe one day, a parent can send their kid to school without suffering from anxiety while at work hoping that some psychopath doesn’t come in and blow their brains out (along with 26 other individuals). So that maybe one day, we can reduce the number of mass shootings in our country to single-digits. That would be a great fucking start.

But as I write this, seething from anger, I know in some ways Noir is right. This is all a dog and pony show. Because nothing will ever fucking get done about guns in this country. Ever. The NRA, which should be called the assassins’ lobby, has lawmakers on both sides of the aisle bought and paid for. Even after one of the most horrific shootings ever seen in the country, we couldn’t even get a simple background check system to pass.

Even the bullshit about how they feign concern for people suffering from mental health issues makes my fucking skin crawl. There is no fucking way the NRA would support more federal funding to open clinics for people suffering from mental health issues. They’re just full of shit.

The worst part about all of this is that everytime a mass shooting in this country occurs, the NRA gets richer and richer. When a mass shooting happens, politicians and gun lobbyists engage in mass fundraising and convince people that the government is just one step away from taking all their guns. What happens as a result? The NRA raises millions of dollars, and gun sales skyrocket. It’s bad enough the NRA gets to take advantage of a dysfunctional federal government and prevent any legislation they don’t like from passing. It’s quite another to raise money off of dead children.

I know people will inevitably run across this and say “hey guy, you’re badmouthing the NRA, why don’t you have this much anger for the actual shooter?” I do. I hope there is a hell for him to rot in, and frankly I’m glad he’s not alive to breathe the same air that I do anymore. But my outrage really comes out when I see people profiting off of dead children and grieving parents. I expect that a person suffering from mental health issues will attempt to take advantage of the easy access to guns in this country. However, I also expect our lawmakers to actually do something to remedy the situation. In this country, that won’t come anytime soon. Keep up the good work, Andy. You have a lot of people standing by your side.

And one more time, fuck you Colion Noir. Fuck you and the piece of shit organization you work for.


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