We got 34! (and other headlines)

We got 34: Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski and other Delaware Senator Chris Coons all just indicated their support for the Iran deal. Republicans are officially out of ways to stop the deal from becoming a reality. Polling on this is still all over the place, the latest one from the University Of Maryland’s School for Public Policy showing a narrow majority of support for the deal (based entirely on party difference, big surprise). For a full list of yeas, nays and undecideds, you can view The Hill’s comprehensive list here. (Editors note: GO BOB CASEY!!! YOU RULE, DUDE!!!)

Carly Fiorina will appear in the next debate: Carly Fiorina, who recently surged to third place in an Iowa poll conducted last weekend, will appear in the next GOP debate on September 16th hosted by CNN. Fiorina may have another strong debate performance, but I don’t see her numbers going any higher than 10-12 percent. Still, this is a victory for her campaign, as she fought ruthlessly with the RNC and CNN for a spot in the limelight. However, Fiorina might run into some trouble in the near future. Christopher Massie at Buzzfeed notes that yesterday she was asked by conservative talk-radio host Michael Medved about various immigration solutions, to which she replied that she doesn’t think that building “…walls are particularly effective…” at the border(s). I wonder what Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have to say about that.

Rand Paul’s campaign continues to hilariously self-destruct: Thank you to Eliza Collins at POLITICO, for pointing out this gem. Because Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is so hip and cool, he wanted to give his (I assume youthful?) supporters access to an app that allows them create their very own selfie with the Senator. Just one problem; the internet used the app for evil purposes (hilarious, deliciously evil purposes). And to think this man was considered a heavyweight contender at one time.

Rick Perry loses staff in NH as well: Remember a couple of days ago when I posted about how former Texas Governor Rick Perry was down to one paid staffer in Iowa? Well, turns out his New Hampshire crew doesn’t even have one paid staffer left. Moreover, no one is even sure if the former Texas Governor has a competent team that’s still together in South Carolina, the primary state where Perry plans on staging his epic comeback (in case you were wondering, I was not able to keep a straight face while I typed that).

Bring back Romney?: Remember when Republicans were bragging about how “deep” their field of presidential contenders was? Yeah, about that.

Liberals are gonna have a bad time: After all the fun I was having laughing at the ineptitude of Rand Paul, I stumbled upon this piece of bad news courtesy of Jeffrey Toobin at the New Yorker. Apparently, liberals are gonna have a bad time in the future regarding some impending U.S. Supreme Court cases. Specifically, cases on affirmative action, abortion, public-sector unions and maybe even another case dismantling campaign-finance laws (wait, we still have those?) are bound to go the conservatives’ way. After the recent victories liberals have had at the Supreme Court regarding gay marriage, congressional redistricting and Obamacare, this is sure going to be a bummer.

The latest “Hillary is doomed” news: Hillary Clinton gave over another 130 e-mails to the State Department, and conservatives are betting that there’s more classified information in there. That’s probably accurate. Also, according to a new WaPo/ABC News poll, Hillary’s favorability ratings are underwater and she doesn’t even have a majority support from women voters. However, Hillary is killing it with Black and Latino voters. But Republicans believe there will be more White voters than ever in the next election, so who cares, right?


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