The rest…

-China’s worsening economy, explained: Matt Yglesias at Vox does his global economics thing and explains how China’s lack of exports and sensible investments is leading to a bad summer for the most populated country in the world. Other good economist-explainer-articles can be found here (H/T John Cassidy at the New Yonker) and here (H/T Chris Matthews at Fortune Magazine).

-The latest “Hillary’s doomed” news: Brian Fallon, who is Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, apparently doesn’t know what the word “wiped” means when it comes to “wiping” a server. Expect mass outrage and mockery. Also, Bryan Pagliano, who designed Clinton’s private e-mail server during her tenure as Secretary of State, is pleading the Fifth and will not testify before Congress on September 10th. In other news, there is an actual House Benghazi Panel. That really exists. And people wonder why Congress has a 10 percent approval rating. Oh one more thing (#tbt):

-Latest PP news: The Center for Medical Progress released a ninth video that supposedly shows Planned Parenthood harvesting baby organs or whatever, only to realize that nobody really cares about this “scandal” anymore. Also, Planned Parenthood has officially been rewarded with $1 Million in grant-funding to help promote Obamacare in various neighborhoods across the country. Specifically, three Planned Parenthood clinics, along with other organizations such as “… the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, AIDS Alabama and Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church Ministries” will be able to apply for grant money to be used for paying people to help sign up for one of the exchanges (H/T Sarah Ferris at The Hill). Also, Florida Governor Rick Scott was just caught hiding the findings of his state investigation of Planned Parenthood, which showed (like all the other pointless investigations) that Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong (H/T Amanda Marcotte).

-NPR = cop killers: Over at Raw Story, Bethania Palma Markus points us to an NPR interview where Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blames NPR for the latest violence against police officers in the country. Here’s Parker’s delusional rant: “You know, your type of interview has to stop. When I was asked to do an interview on NPR, I asked myself, ‘do I really want to do this? They’re not in the police officers’ corner.’ And you’ve proven that by your interview… Yes there are people in every profession who cross the line and should be fired. Quit focusing on that small percentage of those in law enforcement who have made a mistake or broken the law themselves. Focus on the men and women that you and your family depend on every day to protect your life.”

In other news, only 35 more days until hockey season starts.


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