Trump will sign the new GOP pledge…

Sometimes the Republican National Committee (RNC) manages to impress me. Yesterday, Reince Preibus and his cohorts circulated a GOP pledge (H/T Alex Isenstadt at POLITICO) to demand that the candidates’ running pledge their support for the eventual GOP nominee. As I type this, Donald Trump is speaking from his stupid hotel in NYC and has agreed to sign the pledge (see pic below). The reason this pledge was forced onto Trump and the other GOP candidates is of course because at the first debate, Trump made waves that he still wasn’t sure he wouldn’t run as an Independent should he not get the GOP nomination (an almost certainty).

Some people believe that Trump was forced into this because he is eventually going to start looking for monetary support from wealthy donors. Naturally, even the wealthy donors who are interested in his campaign will not give him anything if he were to run as an Independent and essentially hand over the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. Others believe that Trump is telling the truth; he just wanted to be taken seriously by the RNC and not have his candidacy judged from his idiotic attention-grabbing media stunts. Interestingly, conservative talk-radio host Monica Crowley called this pledge-support idea “stupid and insulting” and does not like how the RNC is “…trying to box Trump in.”

As for me, this is just part of Trump’s M.O. Trump wants attention, and naturally, everyone from the media to GOP primary voters to Republican Party establishment will give it to him. Oh and, by the way, a new poll came out today from Monmouth University showing Trump well in the lead with 30 percent (H/T Jonathan Easley at The Hill). Ben Carson, who is the latest candidate to challenge Trump’s lead in the polls, comes in at 18 percent. As for the rest of the field, “Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) take 8 percent support each, followed by Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) at 5 percent, and former businesswoman Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee at 4 percent a piece.” Interestingly, Scott Walker’s campaign is in real trouble as he comes in at only 3 percent. Ohio Governor John Kasich, who was thought to be a serious challenger to Jeb Bush, only garners 2 percent, along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.


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