Well, then…

Walker’s out, Fiorina’s rising?: In case anyone hasn’t heard by now, Scott Walker’s campaign is finito. Liz Mair, a Republican digital media consultant, made a series of tweets as to why Scott Walker was a good Presidential candidate on paper but a disaster in practice. Mair was fired from Walker’s campaign about five months back because she insulted Republicans in Iowa who accept ethanol subsidies. I have to admit, I got this one plain wrong. See, I saw Walker as the guy who was crazy enough to drug test welfare recipients, but not crazy enough to promulgate birtherism. I thought Walker was the perfect candidate to bridge the divide between the “Republican Establishment” and the blue-collar conservatives/tea party crowd. However, as Trump’s campaign has shown us, there is seemingly no one capable of bridging that divide between Republican primary voters and the center-right establishment vote. Maybe as the focus shifts to Carly Fiorina there will be future attempts to bridge that divide. However, based on several conservative pundits skeptical comments it doesn’t look like Fiorina will be an easy sell to the tea party crowd.

People who support Planned Parenthood = Nazi’s: This one was brought to my attention by Amanda, who heard it from a friend (Roy Edroso), who heard it from A.D.P. Efferson at The Federalist. Basically, she’s not saying people who support Planned Parenthood are nazi’s, but she is saying that much like how good people watched the nazi’s commit genocide against the jews, good people can also watch the Planned Parenthood videos and still support the women’s health organization. Here’s the kicker quote: “The abortion industry, specifically Planned Parenthood, with a skilled slight of hand, has distracted the general public from being too curious about the mechanics of abortion. They’ve done this brilliantly through mass manipulation, by creating “rights” where there are none (women do not have a right to government-provided birth control and tampons), exploiting women’s fears, viciously pillorying the opposition, and raking in a tidy sum along the way. Most importantly, Planned Parenthood and its ilk have hit upon what murderous regime leaders have known for centuries: normal, good people will believe and justify anything under the right circumstances.” Well, it’s official: I’m a supporter of genocide against babies (and also a supporter of contraception and breast cancer screenings, but whatever).

Republicans and muslims; a marriage made in mecca: Yes, by now we all know about the lunatic who shouted at the top of his lungs at a Trump rally in New Hampshire last week that we need to “get rid of the muslims” and our president is one of them. And yes, for some reason Dr. Ben Carson (it feels so weird calling him Dr. considering what an idiot he continually shows himself to be) said that he would not support a muslim being president of the United States, a view so insane that Ted Cruz disagreed with him. But what is the real relationship between muslims and the conservative base that actually is Islamaphobic? Jonathan Chait explains: “…social conservatives have treated their Muslim-hating contingent just as they treat their anti-same-sex-marriage brethren: as idealists persecuted for their convictions. Rick Santorum, who is not shy about interjecting his opinion into the controversy of the day, hid behind the First Amendment as a reason to abstain from comment on recent outbursts within his party…”. I would add to this that this is about what conservatives see as a threat to their dominant religion. My guess is that they notice that Islam is a growing religion inside the U.S. and that will result in the implementation of sharia law, hence we need to be irrationally skeptical of muslims. Speaking of irrational, Glenn Beck once again exposes his deranged paranoia and claims that while he doesn’t believe Obama is a muslim, he understands why others do; it’s because he views the world “through the lens of an islamist…”. Also there’s some Dinesh D’Souza plagiarism in his rant (i.e. the whole “anti-colonial” B.S.).

The “Hillary is doomed!” movement is temporarily silent: Could it be because of news stemming the latest poll from CNN/ORC? From the article: “Clinton leads Sanders 42-24 percent, according to a CNN/ORC poll released yesterday. That 18-point advantage is an increase over the 10-point lead she held over Sanders only two weeks ago, 37-27 percent.” We’ll see if there has been any changes in New Hampshire, so far Sanders’ strongest state. But I have a different question; if Bernie Sanders momentum is indeed slowing (and to be clear, that’s something we have not seen yet), will there finally be another candidate on the Democratic side who gets some attention from the media? No, I’m not talking about Joe Biden, who still is undecided at the moment. Regardless, I’m excited to see a rational debate take place where I don’t hear “OH MY GOD THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING BOMB THEM DRONE THEM KILL THEM WITH FIRE AHHHHHHHH SO SCARY” every second (October 13th on CNN in Vegas).

RIP Jake Brewer: Brewer, who is a staffer of the Obama Administration and the late husband of conservative opinion columnist Mary Katherine Ham, died in a bike accident over the weekend. I’ve always liked MKH and her columns and hope she gets through this terrible time in her family’s life. My thoughts are with her and her children.


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