Ann Coulter now trying to piss everyone off (instead of just liberals)…

Coulter v. catholics: Everyone remembers this tweet from Ann Coulter during the last debate, right? Well Coulter had to explain herself that she didn’t really mean that, and she loves jews, but she wants the whole country to be christian and yadda, yadda, yadda. Well interestingly enough, she now desires to piss off catholics, too (you know, since that guy with the funny hat is in town). According to Sophia Tesfaye at Salon, Coulter is now claiming (via the Tweet-machine) that “… our founders (not “immigrants”!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens.” Coulter also claims that catholics were not accepted into the U.S. unless they swore off their Roman ties (seriously?) and that the pope’s “… philosophy of worshiping the poor, blaming the rich leads to Latin American poverty. American Catholicism leads to success.” See, with Ann Coulter you always have to bring it back to Latinos. If Latinos are involved in the story in any way shape or form, you know Ann Coulter will be there trying to make it seem nefarious. Also, I can’t wait to hear what catholic Sean Hannity thinks of these tweets.

Biden rising?: According to this latest Bloomberg poll, Vice President Joe Biden is now polling ahead of Bernie Sanders by one point (25 percent for Biden, 24 for Bernie). What do you mean I have an evil smile on my face? I have no idea what you’re alluding to, but you better quit it. In no way am I delighted by this latest poll. I mean, come on, I’d have to be some sort of jerk to be smiling ear to ear at the inevitable fall of Bernie Sanders. Come on. Seriously. Anyway, Hillary Clinton leads the poll at 33 percent, and you can read the methodology and questions here. So I have to give the perfunctory disclosures that we still don’t know if this is an accurate trend, we haven’t seen any New Hampshire polls since last week (Sanders’ strongest state by far) and that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail story could get worse since the Fed recovered some of her deleted e-mails yesterday from her server. Also, Biden has to declare an actual candidacy for this to matter, which so far he has not. (H/T Taegan Goddard)

Ben Carson believes crazy things: So I usually try to avoid Buzzfeed, but sometimes even gossip rags have some very juicy and unavoidable details. So apparently Ben Carson once said that the big bang theory is a “fairy [tale]” that was thought up by “highfalutin scientists”, or something. Oh, Carson also said that “personally [believes] that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary…”. Apparently “adversary” is a christian codeword for the devil. I mean, personally, I think this story will only elevate Carson’s rise in the polls. I mean, lets say Buzzfeed is really a part of the “drive-by liberal media” (for all you kids who aren’t familiar with conservative talk radio speak, that’s a Limbaugh quote) and released this story to make Carson look like an uneducated idiot. Well naturally, conservatives would love that because they now get to point to us evolution-believing-elitists with our sodomy and whatnot and say “ha-ha, we have a world renowned neurosurgeon on our side, what do you have to say to THAT, heathens!”. To which I would respond, “sure, but we have the other 99% of scientists who do believe in evolution and the big bang theory… so there’s that”. The only question is will Donald Trump try to apply this strategy to his campaign and start denying gravity.

House conservatives want to oust Boehner, part 38,421: We’ve all heard this story before and it never goes anywhere. So why am I posting about it now? Hell if I know. This is obviously about funding Planned Parenthood and the inevitable government shutdown that’s coming unless Boehner can find enough Democrats to vote for some kind of clean-funding bill. Honestly, even if one of these lunatics did run against Boehner (and they won’t, they’re all talk just like the tea party), it wouldn’t go anywhere. But it is cute to see the most extreme nutcases in Congress throw a temper-tantrum every now and then. They’re the ones who made government dysfunctional to begin with, so it is a nice feeling knowing that they’re unhappy with their own actions just like the rest of us.

Other Hillary news: Hillary just came out against the Keystone XL pipeline. I can’t say I’m surprised, since the left-wing faction of the Democratic Party is forcing her to capitulate to their every demand on every single issue. The funny thing is, I still hear progressives complain and whine about the prospect of Clinton’s candidacy, and they still call her a corporate shrill who is a neocon or whatever. Regardless, Clinton sees the winds of change and is unafraid to embrace them. I do admire her for that, even though I’m also dissapointed that she is unable to show her “centrist” or “moderate” side as long as she is still in the primary. The truth is the Keystone XL pipeline is just not that big of a deal. It’s an issue that the left-wing of the Democratic Party pretends is some scary thing that’s going to destroy the country (see: TPP), but in reality is just a small and insignificant piece of the issue that they’re concerned about. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just spiteful of their activism, much in the same way that I castigate the Tea Party for being too loud and raucous. Speaking of activists, Hillary is also meeting with the Black Lives Matter people soon. So there’s that.

20-week abortion bans, explained: Nathalie Baptiste at The American Prospect goes over the true goal of the 20-week abortion ban legislation; to make poor people’s lives harder. Baptiste explains that “[n]ot only does the bill place an undue burden on women attempting to exercise their constitutional rights, the Pain-Capable Unborn Protection Act allows for little exceptions and further victimizes women and children who have been sexually assaulted. The bill does exempt women whose lives are “endangered by a physical disorder, illness or injury” but says nothing about psychological or emotional issues.” A short but sweet explanation of a bill that seems “moderate” but is truly very conservative in its practice.

Donald Trump is boycotting Fox News: As usual with these types of people, it’s a “I quit my job before they could fire me” type of situation. It all started this morning when Donald Trump tweeted that Fox News doesn’t respect him enough. You see, Fox News only talks about Trump every 2.5 seconds, whereas MSNBC and CNN cover him every single second of the day (when CNN isn’t busy covering missing airplanes, of course). (H/T Catherine Thompson at TPM)

Two more weeks until hockey season starts…


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