Pro-lifers utterly confused why nobody wants to eradicate abortion

Pro-lifers still losing, still surprised they’re losing: This article from Dave Weigel at WaPo is just all kinds of delicious. We’ve seen polling throughout the months that shows that Americans views of Planned Parenthood has largely remained unchanged. That was until this weekend, when Planned Parenthood’s favoribility rating actually increased, and 60 percent of voters do not want to see a shutdown over the funding of Planned Parenthood. Now, pro-lifers have their own set of defenses, namely it’s all the liberal media’s fault because nobody has heard of the scandal (as if we’ve talked about anything else aside from Donald Trump for the last three months). In other related PP news, executive Cecile Richards was grilled this morning by a ton of men who have never had to worry about getting pregnant or breast cancer. Naturally, Richards held her own and defended PP from the outrageous attacks you would expect to hear from House Republicans.

Limbaugh pretty sure that water on Mars = liberal agenda: This… I gotta be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this. I’ve heard Rush make a lot of specious and ridiculous arguments before, but this one just takes the cake. So anyway, some brainy scientists with their smarty-smarts found water on Mars and now Rush Limbaugh thinks that this news is “…somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.” First question, was Rush paying attention four years ago when Newt Gingrich was talking about his plans to build a new colony on the moon? Second, is Rush afraid that if there’s water on Mars, that may mean there is possibly life on Mars, and that possible life on Mars is receiving welfare? Or maybe Rush thinks that if there is possibly life on Mars, Democrats will want more social programs for said possible life on Mars and will want to raise his taxes to fund them? Or maybe Rush is afraid that Obama and ACORN will bring the possibly existing life on Mars to the U.S. and register them as Democratic voters? There’s all kinds of fun I can have with this level of stupid, but I’m going to move on.

Somebody else says what I feel about Boehner: Jeffrey Toobin at The New Yorker calls it exactly like I see it. John Boehner, soon to be former Speaker of the House, could have passed immigration reform. Boehner had two years to pass the immigration bill that was passed by the Senate in May of 2013. Boehner was already strongly disliked by the most conservative members of the House of Representatives (i.e. the Freedom Caucus). The Freedom Caucus constantly threatened to usurp his role as Speaker, although they could never find a candidate that would win a majority of the vote for that position (probably because even a majority of Republicans can’t stand them). But no, Boehner capitulated to the “get out of my country” crowd, and still received a complete lack of respect or support from the Freedom Caucus. As Toobin put it, “…the choice for Boehner… was clear: pass a historic bill that would be good for the Republicans and for the republic, or appease the extremist elements in his party in hopes of hanging on to his position as Speaker. Boehner caved, refusing to bring the bill to the floor for a vote, and he suffered the fate of all those who give in to bullies; he was bullied some more.” This is exactly 100 percent right. Boehner not only did not do the right thing by allowing a vote for immigration reform, he allowed the “false prophets” to claim a victory and gain further control of the House (and unfortunately for the rest of us, the GOP). Looks like Rep. Kevin McCarthy, from Southern California, will be the next Speaker. Yikes. But hey, it could have been worse.

Please stop calling Trump a “populist”: So the funny thing is, whenever people talk about Trump and call him a “populist”, they’re usually referring to the fact that he claims he won’t cut social security or Medicare funding. However, the only “populist” part of Trump’s campaign is his immigration plan, which are similar to those found in right-wing parties in Europe (the UKIP, the Christian Democrats in Sweden, and the Fidesz Alliance in Hungary who has been in the news recently for refusing to take Syrian refugees and treating them like dirt). This is further cemented in reality by the release of Trump’s tax plans, which of course are structured to overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy. Furthermore, the tax plan is not even remotely “revenue-neutral”, Trump has no idea which deductions or loopholes (supposedly those used by hedge-fund managers, which would barely affect their incomes as taxes on investments are non-existent in Trump’s plan) he would eliminate, and the idea that this plan would balance the federal budget is about as likely as Trump becoming president of Mexico. Trump pretty much stole the elements of his plan from Jeb Bush, which should give Jeb ammunition for the next debate. I can’t wait to see Trump steal Jeb Bush’s energy plan, too.


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