Benghazi, part 2,967…

Hillary, Benghazi, etc.: Want to know how much of a BFD the Benghazi hearings are? There’s a snapchat filter for them. Now, I have no idea what that means and I don’t care. Regardless, here’s the transcript from the hearings. Expect the results from this hearing to be something along the lines of “we’re still trying to get at the truth, and to do that we’ll need another 150,000 hearings”.

CNBC GOP debate next week: Here’s the lineup. For some reason, we continued to be tortured by the kids table debate. Not surprisingly, Jim Gilmore was officially not invited to either debate. Surprisingly, Jim Gilmore is still running for president.

Trump isn’t necessarily inevitable: For the establishment types like myself, here is presidential historian Mark Updegrove cooling our fears about the likelihood of Trump actually being nominated.

On the other hand: Trump is ahead of the GOP pack with 32% according to the latest ABC News poll. Interestingly, there is a new poll showing that in the first GOP Primary state of Iowa, Carson’s momentum may perhaps be for real. According to Quinnipiac, he’s ahead of Trump 28-20%. We’ll see if that continues after next week’s debate.

Speaking of polls: In New Hampshire, it appears Bernie Sanders has lost his lead over Clinton. Thus far, this has been Bernie Sanders best shot at winning a primary. If he can’t get a victory over Clinton in 3.5 months in New Hampshire, then we’ll lose our best shot at seeing more Larry David impersonations of Bernie Sanders. In other good news for Clinton, Harry Enten at 538 tells us that she is currently at the strongest position since she declared her candidacy to win the Democratic nomination. Did I say that Clinton would get a bounce after the first debate? Yes. Does this prove my theory that summer sucks? I’d like to think so. Is there another B.S. scandal brewing to try to derail Clinton’s presidential ambitions? Probably.

Makes me very sad: Apparently according to Gallup, 58% of Americans views the NRA favorably. Gross. As a close friend and very cool person told me yesterday, “Trump is not the President we need, yet he is the President we deserve.” Thanks again for the selfie-stick gift.


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